Life of a Dad, Husband, and Hacker

So after years of procrastination, I’ve finally started a blog to get all of the thoughts running through my head out into the world. Probably not the best idea, but let’s see how it goes anyway.

One of the things which I’ve been fairly cognisant of recently is how much time and committment many things in life take. Naturally, sacrifices have to be made, as time is very strictly a finite resource.

As a teenager, I spent a significant portion of my time researching and hacking away at technical problems which I’d usually discover on my own. It has always been a passion of mine to solve problems. I think that always has, and will always continue to be something which is built into my DNA, but it’s something which I get less and less time to pursue as my responsibilities to others increase.

Over the years, and many people do, I got married and had kids… this changed the amount of time I’d spend on my hobbies forever. Reading, hacking, and playing video games, among other things.

One might say that this is part of growing up, and I absolutely agree, but really, as my children get older, I now have someone to spend time with and share these hobbies with. I get to watch my children grow up in the world, and learn more than I’ve ever known, and I think that is such an exciting thing to see happen and experience with them.

I’ve started reading to my children, and realistically, my children are currently a bit young to properly appreciate it, but I’m finding great enjoyment in taking the time out to invest in them.

While I have gained other commitments in my life, I’m now able to share the knowledge which I’ve learnt over the years with my children. I’m no longer just a learner, but I’m a teacher, too. While the years of learning and discovery alone were great, I think the most exciting times remain ahead of me: teaching my children, and learning new things together.